Who works at Adore IT?

Adore IT is a team of experts who are dedicated to securing your organisation and understand the importance of operational security.

As you may have noticed, we do not have any personal information of our employees like bios and pictures on our website. We also do not display any personal information of our clients, which is why you won’t see business names or employee names in any testimonials. We have taken this approach because we prioritise operational security. Malicious actors can use this personal information to phish for credentials or breach user accounts, so we keep this information close to our chests to protect our clients and employees from these types of attacks.

If you are on the website of an IT service provider that puts the personal information of its clients and employees on display, ask yourself what their priority may be, especially if they position themselves as a security-focused provider. They should be the best example of their own competence, and if they are not taking the necessary steps to secure their own, can you really expect them to prioritise securing you?

We won’t try to sell you on marketing fluff. Our team forms strong relationships with clients through delivering quality work and achieving real outcomes.