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Adore IT is dedicated to protecting businesses and solving the problems slowing them down so they can get back to what they do best. We work closely with business owners, managers, and employees to identify problems that are holding you back, and offer flat-rate tailored services to resolve those issues. Working together, we will reduce downtime, eliminate threats, increase producitvity, and improve profitability.

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Who works at Adore IT?

Adore IT is a team of experts dedicated to securing your organization and who understand the importance of operational security. If you’re wondering why we don’t include employee bios, photos and LinkedIn profiles, this is by design. Hackers can use personal information like this to attempt to breach user accounts or phish for credentials — we set a strong example by keeping this information close to our chests.

If you are on the website of an IT service provider that puts the personal information of its employees on display, ask yourself what their priority may be. They are the best example of their own competence, and if they are not taking the necessary steps to secure their own, can you really expect them to prioritise securing you?

We won’t try to sell you on marketing fluff. Our team forms strong relationships with clients through delivering quality work and achieving real outcomes.

Our core values


Open communication.
Honesty and integrity.


Work with pride.
Attention to detail.
Committed to excellence.


Clients’ needs first — always.
Find fulfillment in helping others.

Exceed expectations

Raise the bar.

Continuous improvement

Learn and adapt.
Be innovative.

Our clients experience great results

“Their knowledge of IT services is second to none, and we trust them with all of our technology needs. I’d recommend Adore IT to anyone.”

Murray Yardley
Owner, Sealants & Pavements Adhesives

“Adore IT has supported my business on all IT matters for over 20 years, and they enable me to concentrate on my own business.”

Richard Bland
Managing Director, Key Mortgage Solutions

“I’ve been dealing with Adore IT since 2012. As a business owner, I highly recommend Adore IT.”

Paul Warner
Owner, Geocrete Concrete Polishers

“I have been dealing with Adore IT for more than 10 years. I could not recommend them more highly.”

Gary Andrews
CEO, Smart Water Group

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