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Managed IT Services Plans and Pricing

All prices quoted are in AUD and exclude GST.

Information Workers

For employees that have a desktop or laptop computer, such as admin staff.



per end user / per month

1-4 end users

1 device per end user

Overview of Features
  • Microsoft 365 for business
  • Unlimited business hours support

  • 24/7/365 emergency support

  • User and device onboarding and offboarding

  • Extensive backups and testing

  • Cybersecurity protection
  • IT strategy consulting

  • Detailed reporting

Most Popular



per end user / per month

5-300 end users

Up to 3 devices per end user

Overview of Features

Everything in Professional, plus:

  • Password manager

  • Dark web password monitoring

  • IT Training for groups

  • Mobile device management

  • Advanced email security

  • Advanced endpoint protection



per end user / per month

20+ end users

Up to 5 devices per end user

Overview of Features

Everything in Business, plus:

  • Microsoft 365 for enterprise
  • Disaster recovery planning

  • Vendor management

  • IT Training for individuals
  • Enterprise password manager

  • Attack simulations

  • Proactive threat hunting

Additional Costs Price & Frequency
Onsite support $160 flat fee per visit
Server management $200 per server instance per month

Frontline Worker Add-On

For employees that only use phones, tablets, or shared computers to access company resources, such as retail or factory workers.



per end user / per month

1 managed mobile device per end user

Overview of Features
  • Microsoft 365 for frontline workers
  • Unlimited business hours support

  • 24/7/365 emergency support

  • User and device onboarding and offboarding

  • Extensive backups and testing

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some quick answers to some of the burning questions you probably have.

If you still have any questions, or are just looking to learn more, head to our learning center to read through some of our educational content.

Is “unlimited” support really unlimited?2023-02-05T19:47:59+10:00

Yes, it is! On plans that offer unlimited support, we track the time spent supporting your employees across all their devices — but never charge you extra for support past your regular monthly price.

What is included in “support”?2023-03-10T12:05:41+10:00

We offer unlimited remote support and onsite support, with onsite support incurring a flat-rate charge per visit. A detailed look at our in-scope support services can be found in our General Terms and Conditions for IT Services.

We stay true to our word that we are selling unlimited support plans. Unlike some providers using that phrase, we do not bait-and-switch our clients between “support” labour and “project” labour for IT-related work. We include what many traditional MSPs would consider out-of-scope “projects” in our support plans — this means work such as line of business software upgrades, operating system upgrades, user/computer changes, and assisting with office moves are included at no extra charge to you.

Am I locked into a contract?2023-02-28T16:31:23+10:00

No, you can cancel your subscription anytime by reaching out to your account manager. We strive to earn your trust by providing excellent service every month and do not require long-term agreements.

Are there any other additional costs?2023-02-28T16:35:18+10:00

We charge a flat-rate fee for each onsite visit to cover our technician’s travel time.

Additionally, we charge an extra fee for managing legacy infrastructure such as server instances, as it requires additional resources. However, we remove these charges as soon as we migrate you to a modern, cloud-native environment.

Please note that there may be additional costs associated with services that we do not provide, including hardware disposal, cabling, and security systems. In such cases, we would contract with a licensed and audited company in your local area to provide these services.

Will I need to buy new computers?2023-05-24T13:49:15+10:00

Generally, the computers your business is using now will be okay. As part of the onboarding process, we will assess your computers and determine if any are outdated or insufficient. If any are found, we will discuss recommendations with you to bring your computers up to our standards within a reasonable timeframe and budget.

What if I hire or fire an employee?2023-02-28T16:39:53+10:00

To ensure a smooth onboarding process for new hires, we ask that you inform our support team before they begin working with you. Similarly, if you need to terminate an employee, we ask that you inform us beforehand so that we can take appropriate measures to securely offboard them.

What if I already have Microsoft 365 licenses?2023-02-28T16:41:26+10:00

It varies depending on the type of licenses you currently own. If your licenses are Microsoft 365 Business Premium or higher, we will match their cost as discounts on our plans until the license term ends. After that, we will shift you to our licensing provider and discontinue the discount.

If your licenses are below Microsoft 365 Business Premium, we will upgrade your licenses to Microsoft 365 Business Premium as part of your monthly fee, and transition you to our licensing provider.

Why do you charge a flat fee for onsite visits?2023-02-28T16:43:43+10:00

Your monthly subscription includes all remote and onsite support labor, with the exception of travel time and transportation costs for onsite visits. We have kept this fee separate, as opposed to estimating an average client’s onsite support needs and making all clients bear the cost. This way, clients who require or prefer onsite support are charged for the service, while those who do not need it are not burdened with the cost.

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