What is required to be successful with Adore IT?

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Digital Transformation

Boost Your Productivity and Empower Your Employees

  • Effortlessly adopt modern technologies into your business to optimise work processes, streamline business operations, and reduce costs.

  • Maximise the knowledge of your employees and ensure they are equipped with the necessary skills to take full advantage of the tools they use every day, especially Microsoft 365.

  • Improve employee productivity and satisfaction by enabling your team to securely communicate, collaborate, and access company resources—from anywhere on any device.

Security & Compliance

Simplify your Approach to Cybersecurity with Zero Trust

  • Adopt a security strategy designed around implementing the following set of security principles: verify explicitly, use least privilege access, and assume breach.

  • Adapt to the complexities of the modern environment and protect people, devices, applications, and data wherever they are located.

  • Follow our Simple 3-Tiered Approach based on Microsoft’s proven Zero Trust deployment plan to seamlessly integrate the security philosophy and end-to-end strategy of Zero Trust into your business.

Why Adore IT

We become your IT department

All Inclusive

With all support, projects, and services included, you only pay for hardware and business-specific software on top of the monthly investment— just like an internal IT department.

Fully Aligned

If you have issues, it costs us time and money to resolve them, which ensures we share the same goal: keeping your systems online and secure, and your staff working smoothly.


We prioritise people and use technology to achieve your goals. By following a People -> Process -> Technology framework, we build stronger relationships and achieve better results for our clients.

One Service, Three Packages
Month-to-Month, No Lock-In Contracts

Packages and Pricing

All prices quoted are in AUD and exclude GST.

Base Package – Minimum 5 Users

Standard User

For information workers that have a desktop or laptop and work more on documents than with customers


per end user / per month

Add-On User Package

Mobile / Frontline

For frontline workers who work on phones, tablets, or kiosk devices and work directly with customers


per end user / per month

Add-On User Package

Power / High-Risk

For information workers with a higher level of risk concern that handle sensitive data


per end user / per month

Additional Costs Unit Type / Frequency Price
On-Site Call-Out Fee Per Visit $190
Server Management Per Server Instance, Per Month $200

Extra Value, No Additional Cost


Bonus #1

Free Onboarding

Bonus #2

24/7 Emergency Support

Bonus #3

CIO-level IT Strategy Sessions

Bonus #4

Personalised User Training

Bonus #5

IT Policies and Procedures

Bonus #6

Dedicated Account Manager

Bonus #7

Migration to Microsoft 365

Bonus #8

Enterprise Password Manager

Bonus #9

Vendor Discounts and Promotions

100% Hassle-Free
30-Day Money Back Guarantee

If you purchase any Managed IT Services package and wish to cancel for any reason within the first 30 days, we’ll refund your money.

Frequently Asked Questions

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