Managed IT Services

Managed IT Services

Get IT peace of mind for a fixed monthly fee with no lock-in contract.

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Modern Management

All Your IT Needs,
Completely Handled

  • Receive unlimited support for incidents and service requests with a 15-minute target time for initial response during business hours.
  • Don’t worry about unexpected costs from big, complex projects — we include unlimited IT projects of any size or scope at no extra charge, even software upgrades and office moves!

  • Keep your core stakeholders informed with comprehensive visibility and insights into the performance and health of your IT environment.

Digital Transformation

Boost Your Productivity and Empower Your Employees

  • Effortlessly adopt modern technologies into your business to optimise work processes, streamline business operations, and reduce costs.

  • Maximise the knowledge of your employees and ensure they are equipped with the necessary skills to take full advantage of the tools they use every day, especially Microsoft 365.

  • Improve employee productivity and satisfaction by enabling your team to securely communicate, collaborate, and access company resources—from anywhere on any device.

Security & Compliance

Simplify your Approach to Cybersecurity with Zero Trust

  • Adopt a security strategy designed around implementing the following set of security principles: verify explicitly, use least privilege access, and assume breach.

  • Adapt to the complexities of the modern environment and protect people, devices, applications, and data wherever they are located.

  • Follow our Simple 3-Tiered Approach based on Microsoft’s proven Zero Trust deployment plan to seamlessly integrate the security philosophy and end-to-end strategy of Zero Trust into your business.

How It Works

An All-Inclusive Service

What Is “Shared Responsibility”?

As you consider working with us, it’s critical to understand that we work with our clients under a shared responsibility model.

The core concept of shared responsibility is that it’s not really possible to 100% outsource IT & cybersecurity. This means that we take a lot of the responsibilities off your plate, but some will be left to you. For example, we can remotely wipe any lost or stolen devices to protect your company data, but if you don’t report that lost or stolen device to us, we can’t do anything about it!

The Division of Responsibility summary below is designed to give you a clear picture of what you should expect from us, and also what we will expect of you as a client. We hope that this level of commitment to clarity and transparency will be a source of comfort for you as you evaluate our services.

Division of Responsibility

Zero Trust Foundation

Supporting Practice CIS Controls Our Responsibilities Your Responsibilities
Security Policies & Procedures All
  • Provide Information Management policy templates
  • Document any provisioning and deprovisioning processes for the Customer
  • Approve and maintain Information Systems Management policies
  • Require staff to sign an Acceptable Use Policy
Identity and Access Management 5.1-5.4,
  • Maintain an inventory of accounts and roles
  • Implement an Access Change Request process via central ticketing system
  • Require multi-factor authentication (MFA) where possible
  • Review inventory of accounts and roles at least semi-annually
  • Submit tickets to request changes in access
  • Complete MFA registration in a timely manner
Inventory of Assets 1.1-1.2,
  • Maintain asset tracking systems and update the inventory as needed
  • Remove unapproved devices and software
  • Issue remote wipe commands to devices reported as lost or stolen
  • On a semi-annual basis review all approved Enterprise Assets, Service Providers, and Applications
  • Enroll Enterprise and Personal devices
  • Report lost or stolen devices to the Managed Services Provider
Secure Configuration Standards


  • Maintain baseline security configuration standards for Enterprise Assets, Personal Assets, Network Equipment, and Software
  • Centrally manage and deploy baseline security configuration to all devices and software
  • Understand the impacts of the baseline security configuration standards for end-users
  • Approve limited exceptions with documented business justification

Threat Defense

Supporting Practice CIS Controls Our Responsibilities Your Responsibilities
Vulnerability Management 7.1-7.4
  • Implement a patch management solution
  • Execute regular vulnerability scans, & report high impact vulnerabilities to the Customer
  • Mitigate vulnerabilities or document accepted risks
  • When remediation has the potential for high business impact, decide whether to mitigate or accept risks with regard to the discovered vulnerabilities
Antimalware and Threat Detection 10.1-10.3
  • Implement antimalware and advanced threat detection software which can generate alerts upon suspicious activities
  • Install the Microsoft Defender app on personal devices
  • Do not attempt to remove or disable antimalware or other security software
Security Awareness and Skills Training 14.1-14.8
  • Provide regular cybersecurity awareness training for end users
  • Follow-up with regular testing and reports to the Customer
  • On a regular basis, require staff to complete cybersecurity awareness training
  • Report potential cybersecurity events
Incident Response


  • Investigate potential security incidents
  • Document discovered artifacts and record the technical remediation steps taken during incident response
  • Designate one key person, and at least one backup, who will manage the enterprise’s incident handling process
  • Maintain contact information for parties that need to be informed of security incidents

Data Protection

Supporting Practices CIS Controls Our Responsibilities Your Responsibilities
Data Management 3.1-3.3, 3.6
  • Assist the customer in identifying data locations especially Sensitive Data
  • Manage Security Group membership
  • Configure Access Control Lists
  • Identify data locations especially Sensitive Data
  • Approve Security Group membership and corresponding Access Control Lists
  • Review these items annually
Data Retention 3.4-3.5
  • Implement technical controls to enforce data retention policies
  • Provide customer with a solution for identifying unique datasets and making any necessary exceptions to the policy
  • Define the data retention policy outlining expectations for preservation and disposition of data, especially Sensitive data
  • Communicate the policy and train staff members as needed
Data Sensitivity and Classification 3.7
  • Help Customer implement a Data Classification system including labeling and privacy options for Sensitive Data
  • Educate staff members on the purpose and use of Data Classification labels
  • Apply classification labels appropriately
Data Backup 11.1-11.5
  • Deploy, configure, & regularly test backup systems
  • Always maintain at least one isolated backup
  • Provide backup job details to the Customer initially, and whenever changes occur
  • Review and approve the backup job details
  • Notify us (Adore IT) whenever changes occur which could impact backup systems (new apps or data repositories, etc.)

Why Adore IT

We become your IT department

All Inclusive

With all support, projects, and services included, you only pay for hardware and business-specific software on top of the monthly investment— just like an internal IT department.

Fully Aligned

If you have issues, it costs us time and money to resolve them, which ensures we share the same goal: keeping your systems online and secure, and your staff working smoothly.


We prioritise people and use technology to achieve your goals. By following a People -> Process -> Technology framework, we build stronger relationships and achieve better results for our clients.


One Service, Three Packages

All prices quoted are in AUD and exclude GST.

Base Package

Standard User

For information workers that have a desktop or laptop and work more on documents than with customers


per end user / per month

Add-On User Package

Mobile / Frontline

For frontline workers who work on phones, tablets, or kiosk devices and work directly with customers


per end user / per month

Add-On User Package

Power / High-Risk

For information workers with a higher level of risk concern that handle sensitive data


per end user / per month

Additional Costs Unit Type / Frequency Price
On-Site Call-Out Fee Per Visit $190
Server Management Per Server Instance, Per Month $200


Extra Value, No Additional Cost

Bonus #1

Free Onboarding

Bonus #2

24/7 Emergency Support

Bonus #3

CIO-level IT Strategy Sessions

Bonus #4

Personalised User Training

Bonus #5

IT Policies and Procedures

Bonus #6

Dedicated Account Manager

Bonus #7

Migration to Microsoft 365

Bonus #8

Enterprise Password Manager

Bonus #9

Vendor Discounts and Promotions

100% Hassle-Free
30-Day Money Back Guarantee

If you purchase any Managed IT Services package and wish to cancel for any reason within the first 30 days, we’ll refund your money.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who are your Managed IT Services for?2023-10-02T17:10:44+10:00

Our Managed IT Services are designed for businesses with 10-50 end users and no dedicated IT staff.

If you have dedicated IT staff, we may still be able to work together, provided the responsibilities for both ourselves and the IT staff are clearly defined. If this kind of co-managed solution is what you need, reach out and we can discuss your options.

I have less than 10 end users, can you still help me?2023-10-02T17:10:47+10:00

Yes! If your business is growing quickly or undergoing significant changes, we may still be a good fit for one another. Reach out and let’s talk about your needs.

We just need occasional help and want to pay hourly. Can you help us?2023-10-02T17:10:50+10:00

No, we do not offer occasional help at an hourly rate. Instead, we focus on building long-term relationships with our clients by providing all inclusive, flat-rate IT services that meet their needs.

Am I locked into a contract?2023-10-02T17:11:24+10:00

No, you can cancel your subscription anytime by reaching out to your account manager. We strive to earn your trust by providing excellent service every month and do not require long-term agreements.

Will I need to buy new computers?2023-10-02T16:54:40+10:00

Generally, the computers your business is using now will be okay. As part of the onboarding process, we will assess your computers and determine if any are outdated or insufficient. If any are found, we will discuss recommendations with you to bring your computers up to our standards over a reasonable timeframe and within your budget.

What happens when I hire or fire an employee?2023-10-02T16:54:43+10:00

Our packages are scalable, so your seat count will increase and decrease as employees are hired and fired.

When you hire a new employee, please inform our support team before they begin working with you to ensure a smooth onboarding process. Similarly, when you let an employee go, we ask that you inform us before they are let go so that we can take appropriate measures to securely offboard them.

What if I already have Microsoft 365 licenses?2023-10-02T18:07:14+10:00

It depends on the licenses you currently own.

If your licenses are Microsoft 365 Business Premium or higher, we will match their cost as discounts on our packages until the license term ends. At that time, we will transition you to our licensing provider and remove the discount.

If your licenses are below Microsoft 365 Business Premium, we will upgrade your licenses as part of your monthly fee, cancel your existing licenses, and transition you to our licensing provider.

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